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Change in Registered Office Address

In order to ultimately your registered office change, you may have to simply pass a resolution, file some forms with ROC and give advertisement in a newspaper in some cases.


The company’s official registered address is the primary hub for where all its communication is addressed to. Any communication from the MCA is sent to the mentioned address, and it can only be changed after sufficient notice is provided to the stakeholders involved. If a company is shifting within the local limits, then a notice to the RoC suffices. However, if this relocation span states, an advertisement informing people of the impending relocation must be placed in a newspaper, and a special resolution to the same effect must be passed before the Government is notified and sought approval from.

Since the procedural requirements for effecting a change in office address differs depending on the nature of your location change, leave the procedural hassles associated with a shift of your registered office to our experts by signing for our Office Address Change service, so that you may concentrate on the looming shift in front of you than the procedural hurdles.

Reasons to effect a change in the Registered Office

There are various compulsions for why a company must effect its change in a registered address officially. The Registrar of Companies keeps a note of the location of your books of accounts, which must be kept at your registered office change. Any change in the location of the same must be notified to the RoC. 

Different ways of shifting the Regd. Office of the Company

  1. Within the local limits of the same city
  2. Outside the local limits of the city but within the jurisdiction of same ROC
  3. Shifting of Regd. Office from the jurisdiction of one ROC to the other but within the same state.
  4. From one state to other states.

Necessary Documentation –

The documents required in order to registered office change are –

  1. Proof of new proposed address.
  2. Board resolution affecting such change.
  3. NOC for Shifting of Registered Office Change( as may be required).
  4. Notice of General Meeting.
  5. Duly filled Form INC – 22.
  6. Duly filled Form MGT – 14( as may be required).
  7. Duly filled Form INC 23( as may be required).
  8. Duly filled Form GLN-1(as may be required).
  9. Duly filled Form INC-28( as may be required).
  10. Advertisement in Form INC 26.


Rs3999 Rs2299
  • Documents Preparation
  • Change the Registered office within the same city
  • Govt Fees As Actual
  • Call & Email Support


Rs6499 Rs3499
  • Documents Preparation
  • Change the Registered office within same ROC Jurisdiction within same state
  • Govt Fees As Actual
  • Call & Email Support


Rs39999 Rs29999
  • Documents Preparation
  • Change the Registered office from one state to other states (without consent)
  • Govt Fees As Actual
  • Call & Email Support